Teleassistance for the elderly

vebiro vero+ Telecare for the elderly


SOS Teleassistance, for elderly and frail persons Water resistant (IP65), 2G, speakerphone, Satellite tracking.


Battery life for remote control use from 2 to 7 days. Power-saving mode for up to 30 days. Simplified charging “docking station” included


Manual telephone call with SOS button and/or automatic call by drop sensor, up to 3 freely configurable emergency numbers.


Simple programming via SMS messages, with no need for dedicated software/apps or Personal Computer connections.


Telecare for the elderly and frail persons.

Vero + is a teleservice for the elderly and frail persons, it works with microSIM GSM 2G, 900/1800 MHz, (network supported by TIM, Vodafone and Wind, to be verified for other operators). It also works with rechargeable profiles, NO monthly subscription and data traffic required, no internet profile, only voice and SMS. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, is water and dust resistant, and is equipped with satellite tracking to know the location from which the distress alarm was generated. The alarm can be manual, by pressing the SOS button, and automatic, in the event of an accidental fall, the sensitivity of the fall sensor is freely configurable on a scale of 9 values. Equipped with two-way audio with speakerphone; no fixed telephone line requiredLike an ordinary mobile phone, it can be called by telephone, allowing telephone communication, and can be configured to receive calls from everyone or only from emergency numbers (in this case it will close the incoming call after a short ring, without answering, to all unwanted numbers while answering calls from the 3 emergency numbers);

Size: 4,4 x 1,6 x 6,1 cm

Weight: 35g

vebiro vero+ dockingstation Telecare for the elderly

It can be localised by sending an SMS. Vero+ is able to alert you by SMS message if it leaves a protected area that you freely enter. It comes standard with everything necessary for its operation (EXCLUDING SIM card) Including charging base “Docking Station for Vero+” useful for easy charging without the need to connect any cables! Quick guide in Italian included in the box Service and warranty handled exclusively by our technical assistance centre in Italy contactable at the references indicated in the quick guide included in the box. No batteries are required to operate the device.